Reviews For Chef Ajeen

We enjoyed Chef Beckford's presence in our kitchen. The food was beyond our expectations and would consider giving the Chef Experience as a gift to friends.

-Client Feedback of Kathy Laforet's Chef Experience Dinner

"Ajeen was fantastic! He arranged a perfect meal with us and he was delightful. He was punctual, professional, reliable and talented. The food was great and I have already recommended the experience to friends/family. 10/10

Thanks, Sacha."

-Client review of Chef Experiences - S.Cerny

Chef was a "great guy and excellent chef. 10/10"

-Client Review - Marina Dyketan

Hard to select one highlight................aside from Ajenn who was fantastic I would have to say the Sea Bass it was the BEST fish any one of us has ever tasted!!! 10/10

-Chef Experience Client feedback - C. Bonnar

This was my first experience. The overall experience was good. My only comment would be to have the chef stay during the serving of the meal. This would allow me to enjoy the meal a bit more. Overall food was very good. 9/10

-Chef Experience Review by Liz McIntosh

The highlight was jut to RELAX in my own home! The food and service was fabulous! I loved not having to cook or clean up but have a wonderful meal. What a treat! :) 10/10

-an unforgettable Chef Experience by Karen-Kinch

We really enjoyed actually watching the chef cook our meal. It added a level of entertainment. And of course eating the delicious food! 9/10

-An unforgettable Chef Experience by Bobi Emery

We were the lucky recipients of a gift certificate from two of our children, and decided to make it even better by asking another couple to join us for dinner.

Chef Ajeen arrived in plenty of time on the appointed day at our home, bringing his bags of goodies, and for the next four hours or so he chopped and created in our kitchen providing us with a delicious dinner of appetisers, amuse bouche and entree. He was friendly and engaging and we considered ourselves very fortunate that he was our chef for the evening.

This was a new adventure for us, and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and the wonderful meal that was made for us.

-An unforgettable Chef Experience by Janette Armour

Paula we would all like to say "thank you" to you and the chef. We all had a great time. I will call you again soon.

-Success Story for Chef Experiences by Teresa Paglia

The combination of anticipation, setting, service and flavours and textures made for a relaxing and romantic experience.. with no mess to clean afterwards! The meal and presentation was excellent and Ajeen was a delight!!

-Success Story for Chef Experiences by Mary Gerrard

The highlight of my Chef Experience was "Just enjoying a quiet evening with my spouse."

-Success Story of Chef Experiences by Celeste Kirsh

The process was easy and the food really good, loved that our chef was so professional and seemed to really care about our experience. We have 5 more dinners to do, so we will keep you posted.

-Success Story for Chef Experiences by Deb Niven

Chef Ajeen made our first in-home chef experience thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. His ability to pair flavours from different cuisines is world-class. Our miso glazed sea bass with wilted greens and goat cheese chive mash was delicious. The best sea bass I have tasted! Great conversation with the chef and not having to clean-up afterwards were added bonuses.

-Chef Experience Client feedback-J. Yeoh

The food presentation was fabulous. The food was terrific. 10/10

-chef Experience Client feedback-A.Bright

The food was outstanding, exceeding expectations. And Chef Ajeen was both charming and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him. 10/10

-Chef Experience Client feedback-A. Tosoni

No clean up ;) food was great. 10/10

-S. Chowdhury, Client feedback -Chef Experiences

Ajeen was outstanding.....he was very personable, knowledgeable, patient and an excellent instructor (I would highly recommend him to friends). 10/10

-J. Bennett, Client Feedback for Chef Experience

Chef Ajeen was an absolute pleasure, and served a memorable meal for a special occasion. His professionalism and ease in the kitchen was certainly noted - and we look forward to hopefully working with him again in the future!!

-Client Feedback,S. McGrath, Etobicoke, ON

A friendly cook who took all of the work out of Saturday night dinner!

-T. Romano, Richmond Hill, ON Client Testimonial

It was a wonderful experience, as it allowed us to enjoy the company of our guests, and not be dealing with the prepping, serving, or clean up. The chef prepared a lovely meal, and since we did not have a server, he did a wonderful job serving as well. Our guests were very pleased, as we were. Thank you.

-N. Brown, Toronto, ON Chef Experience testimonial

The overall chef experience was phenomenal! Chef Ajeen was truly amazing - professional, knowledgeable and so much fun! We had French cuisine - the food was simple yet so sophisticated! We literally cleaned our plates! It was an absolute pleasure to have Chef Ajeen as our personal chef for the evening! We already recommended Chef Experiences to our family and friends. Thank you for an incredible experience - one that we will never forget!

-Y. Poon, Toronto, ON

The overall experience was amazing. Chef ajeen was excellent and I would recommend him to everyone.

-C. Grossi, Schomberg, ON

For those who would like an authentic French dining experience in the comfort of your home, Contact Chef Alliance and request Chef Ajeen. My husband, son and I recently had a cooking lesson in our home with Chef Ajeen. It was very evident that he had a passion for fine cuisines when he answered our questions with detailed explanations. He was the ultimate professional, yet easy to talk to. After our lesson he asked that we prepare for our meal. The entree was outstanding our meal consists of Salmon en croute with white wine cream sauce and honey infused caramelized vegetables. Our experience, the food was marvellous it tickles the taste buds while asking for more. Creatively prepared, beautifully presented and elegantly served.
We will do this again with family and friends. Thank you very much Chef Ajeen for a great experience.

-C. Allen, Vaughan, ON

The taste of the food - unique and flavourful with a terrific presentation.
Also, speak with Chef Beckford before he left and hearing his passion for cooking and for Jamaican foods.
Thank you

-Treena Evans